Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery in Denver

Hi, I am Tom Heffron.    Recently I moved to Denver from Atlanta where I was practicing at Emory University and Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta at Egleston.    I have performed over 1,000 liver transplants including over 140 living donors over the past 25 years.    Globally only nine active liver surgeons have that much experience, only five of which are in the US including me.   Let me through my experience give you hope.  I am glad to be able to help people in the Rocky Mountain west region who need a liver transplant or complex hepatobiliary surgery.   I have been fortunate to be a member of the first team to do living related liver transplants in Chicago and have successfully transplanted both the youngest child and smallest child in the world.     My innovative techniques and experience allow me to give you the best chances when undergoing a life changing surgery.    My website has more detailed information about my training, experience, outcomes, research and innovations in transplant surgery.

Email me at to schedule an appointment.    I will personally follow-up with you within 1 day unless I am in the operating room.   In that case my staff will give you a call or email.


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